Friday, June 18, 2010

Feeling Thankful

Today I am feeling thankful. Im thankful for my family. I have some of the best siblings and parents. One of the great things about being married is that I get to have more parents and more siblings. Im thankful for my husband. He is so perfect for me and he works so hard so that I can get the things that I want. I love him very much. Im thankful for my dog, Harley. She is the best dog ever and we love her soooooo much. Im thankful for my house and Im thankful for all those who have contributed to building it. Im thankful for our friends. Im thankful for my job and Im even thankful for all those guest who feel it necessary to complain to me. It makes me work harder to fix any problems. Im thankful for my husbands job and the fact that he can provide for us. Im thankful for trials in my life. Right now its hard to see why I have to go through some things but I know that I will be blessed in the end. Im thankful for our new neighbors who are extremely nice and Im thankful for our new ward. Everyone has been so welcoming. Im thankful for all other things that I cannot think of right now!!!!!!