Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Worst Blogger Award!

I must say that I am the worst blogger ever! Basically my life is the same every day: wake up bright and early and go to work, half way through work change in my car and go to school for several hours, get back in my car to change and finish work, after work drive home to hours of homework, make dinner, occasionally clean something or do laundry, then back to homework. Seriously this is my life. I have turned into a big loser. The only exciting thing is that Derek and I love our house. We moved in at the end of June and have loved every minute of it. We still have little things here and there that need to be put away, but its really starting to feel like home. We have the best neighbors and we just love our ward. Der works with the young men and is soooo good at it. My brother is doing great at the MTC. He has been there officially two weeks, but I'm ready for him to be home. Well I must stop blogging so I can finish my homework. Hope everyone is doing good!